We translate text into English from any language in a style and tone that matches your brand values.

If you need to write business communications in English but English is not your first language, we can help. We can also take your existing text and return it to you in localised English written by a skilled copywriter.  Every word is checked by our proof readers and editors before publication to make sure it matches your house style and brand values.

English translation and localisation: how it works

By Steve Jordan, Managing Director

There are plenty of translation agencies around, some are good, some not so good.  For us at The Words Workshop, it’s where the translation agency stops that our work begins.  Let me explain.

English has become, like it or not, the international language of business.  Any company that’s working internationally needs to provide information in English.  If the English they use isn’t very good, it reflects badly on their company and can do more harm than good.  It’s got to be right.

So, let’s look at a typical example.  A semi-technical document has been written by one of your German engineers. You want to publish it on your website in English.  In my experience most people are not particularly good at writing, even in their own language, that’s why copywriting companies like ours exist, so there’s no reason to believe that the original story has been written in perfect German.

You send the story to a translator who will translate from the German text into English.  Though translators speak more than one language, there’s no requirement for them to be brilliant writers too.  So you now have a questionable German text that’s been translated into English by someone who understands both languages but is not a writer either.  Is there any great surprise that the finished product is not quite right?

Our job is to work with the translated English (or the English text written in a second language), and convert it into something that is elegant, engaging and accurately reflects your company’s brand.  Leading multinationals take the view that it’s not good enough for text to be understood, it needs to reflect the company’s market leading brand as well.  If the English sounds as though a German, Italian or French person might have written it, it’s not good enough.

That’s how it works.  Simple.

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